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  • Help / Frequently Asked Questions

    What is DriverZZ?

    The idea of DriverZZ conceived from the daily challenges encountered in our lives to travel. DriverZZ provides you the comfort of travelling in your own car without worrying about traffic / driving / parking / waiting for a cab / price surges etc. Our mission is to provide reliable drivers at affordable prices using technology (Apps / Website / Phone) as a platform.

    What are the services offered by DriverZZ?

    We provide drivers to suit your personal / business needs. All our drivers are professionally dressed in Driverzz t-shirts, trousers and shoes. In case you need uniformed drivers (safari suit) we do offer such services with a small premium.

    • Our list of services is as below -
    • Drivers by the Hour (s)
    • Drivers for Half day / Full day (s).
    • Drivers for Week (s).
    • Drivers for Month (s).
    • Permanent Driver.
    • Valet services.

    How do I book a Driver?

    You can book a driver through

    • Mobile Apps - available for Apple and Android phones
    • Through our website or
    • By calling our Customer Care at 040 - between 09:00 AM and 10:00 PM

    Is there any extra charge for booking a driver through phone / website?

    No, there will be no extra charge for booking a driver by phone and / or website.

    What is the Fare that I will be charged?

    Please refer to the rate card available on our Apps / website or call the customer care for details.

    We have different rates for

    • One-way / two-way
    • Day time / night time
    • In-station / out-station
    • Uniformed / non-uniformed.
    • You will be charged for a minimum of one hour after which you will be charged by the minute / hour / day / week / month appropriately depending on your use.
    • Our prices start from INR 99.75 / hour (4 hour / day / in-town / non-uniformed).

    There are no other additional / hidden charges.

    Can I pay using a Credit / Debit card?

    Yes, you can either pay by credit / debit card through online wallet PayTM when you book a driver through Website / Application or you can always pay cash directly to the driver.

    What is the Cancellation policy? Will I be charged for cancellation?

    You can cancel the driver request any time before your trip starts without any cancellation fee.

    When is it considered as day / night ride?

    • Day is from 07:00 AM - 10:00 PM IST
    • Night is from 10:01 PM - 06:59 AM IST

    How reliable are the drivers?

    Our drivers partnering process is very stringent. No matter how experienced they may be, we do the following to ensure that your rides are safe and secure -

    • Test of road rules
    • Practical drive test
    • Verification of the driver license from the issuing RTA
    • Physical verification of the home address of the driver
    • Police verification of the driver records
    • Previous employer reference checks

    Do I tip the driver?

    Our drivers do not demand or expect tips and it is completely your choice to either pay a tip or not.